• Mischief Mantra: This shirt sports the playful confession, “In My Defence, I Was Left Unsupervised,” perfect for the man or teen who’s a handful and a half.
  • Lighthearted Liability: Ideal for dads, uncles, brothers, and the young and young at heart who find themselves frequently in the comedic spotlight, willingly or not.

Embrace the humorous side of harmless trouble with our “Unsupervised Shenanigans Tee.” Adorned with the cheeky statement, “In My Defence, I Was Left Unsupervised,” this t-shirt is a badge of honor for those who occasionally stir up a bit of fun when no one’s watching. Whether it’s for a dad known for his dad-jokes and pranks, an uncle who’s the life of the party, a brother who loves a good laugh, or the teen who is always up to something, this tee is the perfect birthday or Christmas gift. Its comfortable fabric makes it ideal for both the masterminds at rest and the adventurers at play. Gift it to your beloved mischief-makers as a lighthearted acknowledgment of their playful personality—it’s sure to become a fast favorite and a constant reminder of the fun that awaits whenever they’re left to their own devices.

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